About Me

I totally get where you’re coming from.

Finding the Paleo way of eating has changed my health, my performance as an athlete and my life. I no longer get wacky sugar cravings, adult acne, crazy bloating after I eat or feel like fainting when I stand up.

Steph at SoCal Regionals 2013

I’ve done everything from CrossFit Regionals to 12 hour solo mountain bike races while eating Paleo and have never been stronger or had better body composition.

Best of all, I finally – at 34 years old – feel like I’m not fighting with food anymore (read all about my battle with sugar…and how I won).


Like you, though I love delicious Paleo food,  I don’t have hours to cook. Luckily, the kitchen is where my love of tasty eats and my mad scientist background commingle. Add in my 12 years of experience as a high school science teacher and my training as a Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner and you get my specialty: making things stupid-easy.

Basically, I’m on a mission to help you Just. Eat. Real. Food.

My pledge to you:

  • Create easy-to-follow recipes with quality ingredients that stay true to the roots of Paleo: meats, seafood and eggs; veggies and fruit; healthy fats; and rarely, sweets or treats.
  • Share awesome resources to help you navigate your own Paleo journey.
  • Keep things simple and unfussy.

Stay strengthy!



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