Easy Paleo Meals 013: Asian Ahi Tuna Salad


Seared ahí tuna (sprinkled with ground ginger + sesame seeds) + salad (mixed greens, red pepper, green onion, carrots, mushrooms) + rice wine vinegar / olive oil / drizzle of coconut aminos + shredded nori on top


9 thoughts on “Easy Paleo Meals 013: Asian Ahi Tuna Salad

  1. Looks good, do you have a good recipe for chicken salad? Something kind of all in one that I could take to work as lunch.

    • Hi Rachel,

      In the early days of Paleo becoming popular, all vinegars were not allowed as part of the “diet”. Most folks nowadays consider them to be fine, regardless of the main derivative (apple cider, grape must, etc.). I use it very sparingly and it doesn’t cause me any issues, but if it’s problematic for you, you could use lime juice to provide acidity in this recipe.

      • I’m just curious because when I started following the Paleo diet I was using many websites and blogs just like your own to find recipes and I was so excited that I could still eat modified versions of my favorite foods (sweets, chocolate, etc) until I realized that they are marketed as “paleo” but they really aren’t. Now that my knowledge is growing more, it is very frustrating because I find so many recipes I would love to make and they aren’t truly paleo. Right now my crossfit gym is doing the whole30 which is very strict on every little detail and it is depressing. If we weren’t taking such an extreme approach it would be much easier to live by the general guidelines of this diet. Thanks for your feedback!

      • Totally understandable. Paleo has changed a lot by most standards. I’m a Whole9 Envoy (community outreach) and have done a few Whole30s. Rice wine vinegar is allowed on your Whole30 :) The only vinegars to stay away from are malt vinegar (derived from the brewing process and contains gluten) and any vinegar with added sugar. Keep in mind that Whole30 is really a learning tool to see what, if any, foods you may be sensitive too. Consider it a reset of your gut that isn’t meant to be something you do for eternity.

        I totally hear you on the myriad of confusing / conflicting info. I myself try to limit the sweets and treats I post, and I almost never bake. I think many Paleo sites, though they may mean well, promote dessert eating to an unhealthy degree. Then folks wonder why, even though they’re eating Paleo, they aren’t seeing many of the positive outcomes that other people report (like better regulation of blood sugar, better body composition and improved digestion). Most of the recipes I post are built with a Whole30 template in mind.

        If you’re looking for a larger array of Whole30 recipes definitely check out http://chowstalker.com/whole30/.

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