The Only 3 Supplements You Need

Fish oil. Vitamin D. Magnesium + Zinc.

“Naturally Produced: Scientifically Proven” is PurePharma’s motto and a pretty good indicator of their passion for quality supplements. The company currently sells three products: O3 (fish oil), D3 (Vitamin D) and M3 (magnesium + zinc), and I’ve had the opportunity to use them all for some time now. I can honestly say that the improvement in my athletic recovery and general feeling of well-being is markedly improved when I take them. It’s important to note that the products are designed to work synergistically, in concert with one another so that maximum benefit is gained from using all three concurrently.

The main benefits of these three supplements are…

Fish oil: faster recovery, decreased inflammation, increased oxygen delivery

Vitamin D: improved immune function, supports cognitive function, decreased inflammation, reduce risk of osteoporosis

Magnesium + zinc: improved muscle function, maintenance of electrolyte balance, improved energy production

I’m definitely not a multi-vitamin taker and while I generally believe in getting my micronutrients and vitamins from my food, there is a definite need for myself as an athlete (and someone who values overall health and wellness) to supplement with fish oil, Vitamin D and magnesium / zinc. As a competitive CrossFitter, I know that I’m constantly subjecting my body to the rigors of training and must deal with the effects of inflammation and muscle damage. In order to promote the best recovery possible, I know that taking the highest quality supplements is imperative. PurePharma’s fish oil, for example, is tested and held to the IFOS (International Fish Oil Standards)…and holds itself to a five star rating for every batch.

For more information on PurePharma’s products, you can click on the picture of the amazing Jenny Labaw on the bottom of the Stupid.Easy.Paleo homepage here.


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