Banana Ice Cream with Chocolate Shell

Truthfully, I’m not the paleo dessert girl. It’s not that I’m anti-dessert…well, let’s just say that it leads me down the path of too many sweets most of the time. I really wish I did paleo desserts often on the blog because, let’s face it, I’d be far more popular. But alas, sticking to what I know is what I tend to do. This is so easy it should be illegal, and it’s perfect for making in tiny batches when you want just a bit of a sweet treat. This reminds me of summers as a kid when my family would walk to the neighborhood soft-serve place…we’d get big cones and always get chocolate “dip”–the crunchy shell that you’d have to race to eat or else the ice cream would come melting out from all sides. This one has no added sugar though ;)

Ingredients for the “ice cream”:

1 frozen banana

2-3 tbsp coconut milk

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

Ingredients for the chocolate shell:

1/2 tbsp coconut oil

1/2 tbsp cocoa powder

Pinch of ground coffee (optional)


1. Make the shell in a small bowl first by melting the coconut oil in the microwave for about 15-20 seconds. Mix in the cocoa powder and pinch of ground coffee.

2. Next, make the “ice cream”. (This is truly not an ice cream because there are no eggs/custard, but it’s a good stand-in IMO.)

3. Add the frozen banana to the food processor and break down a bit. Next drizzle in the coconut milk and vanilla extract. You may need to stop the processor and break up any big chunks. Process until smooth and creamy but not too melted.

4. Work quickly…scoop out the ice cream into a bowl and drizzle the chocolate shell on top. Immediately the coconut oil/cocoa mixture will harden up and get crunchy…mmm!

5. Eat. Enjoy. You could also top with shredded coconut, nuts or even some sliced berries to really put it over the top!


9 thoughts on “Banana Ice Cream with Chocolate Shell

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    • Hi Irene!! Thanks so much for letting me know…I love hearing feedback on recipes. I like this one for the random occasion that I get an ice cream craving since dairy hurts my stomach.

  4. Yum x2 – of my favorite things… bananas and chocolate! …Can you make two or three servings at a time of the “ice cream” to freeze and serve later (like traditional ice cream)? ….Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Melissa! I make 2-3 servings sometimes and freeze it. It has to be partially defrosted and then I mix it really well with a spoon before serving. You won’t be able to scoop it straight from the freezer…it gets too hard. Have an awesome evening!

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