3 Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

A couple weeks about, my Twitter pal @XFPH asked, “What are your 3 favorite kitchen gadgets?” to which I immediately responded “knife, cast iron skillet and Crock Pot!”

Seriously folks, it’s important to have kitchen tools and gadgets that help make your life easier and cooking more enjoyable. Would you use a hammer to put a screw into wood? I think not. I’m not saying you have to spend your life savings on every gimmicky gadget out there but with some good quality basic supplies, cooking will not be as much of a struggle.

First up…a knife. DON’T BE CHEAP! You don’t need a 15 piece knife set to start out. My blade of choice is a 7″ JA Henckels santoku knife. It does a majority of the chopping/slicing/prep work that I need in the kitchen. Find a knife handle that fits comfortably in your hand and has good weight. While you’re at it, pick up a steel or sharpening stone and learn how to use it. Here’s a video link of Gordon Ramsey demonstrating how it’s done…because he’s bloody sarcastic and I love him. Dull knives suck…and are dangerous. Click here to see the one I showed in the video. $40-$70 will give you a good range to shop from.

Next…cast iron skillet. No icky, weird non-stick coating to flake up and you can use metal utensils. The iron will heat up evenly and goes easily from stove top to oven (just beware of hot handles). Plus, you can do bicep curls with it! Kidding…sort of. $20 or so will get you a decent-sized skillet.

And last but certainly not least…Crock Pot. Can’t say enough about this bad boy: it’s the epitome of lazy cooking. Throw in your ingredients, set it and forget it (did anyone flash back to Ron Popeil of infomercial fame there?!). Please spend the extra $5-$10 and get one with a digital timer and auto-shut off so you can truly walk away. Keep your eye out at Target, etc and you can find them on sale. The crock (ceramic) part of mine recently broke and couldn’t be replaced so I picked up a new one for $29.99 on sale.

What are your 3 favorite kitchen gadgets?

(and p.s. If I could pick a 4th, it would be my Vitamix!)


9 thoughts on “3 Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

  1. Gordon Ramsey, gotta love him..does he count as a gadget because I do reference his stuff a lot lol Oh and Henckels is a good brand! I’d say my 3 favorite kitchen gadgets would be my chefs knife which is a Mercer ( this is what we were assigned in culinary school and I love it ), Iron skillet…not only does it not give you cancer but it makes things taste amazing, and my food processor. Immersion blenders are also pretty amazing… :)

    • Gordon does crack me up :) I could seriously go into debt by walking around the kitchen section of any department store! The immersion blender is something I’ve almost pulled the trigger on several times now!

  2. I put off buying one for ages because I thought it was frivolous, but since buying my food processor, I use it just about every day. Mine comes with the food processor bowl, a blender, a centrifugal juicer and a little glass mill, and I use every single one of them each week, I love the thing. Being able to cut up the ridiculous amounts of vegetables I use in a teeny tiny amount of time has made cooking much less of a time suck for me. Not to mention: smoothies every day, yay!

  3. I would definitely say both my 7″ utility knife and 12″ chef’s knife (for big honking heads of cabbage!) are at the top of my list as well as my food processor and crockpot! I use these tools constantly!

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