Do I Have to Eat Grass-Fed Meat?

Well folks, this could very well be an ethical question for you…or one based on finances/budget or even availability. If you are relatively new to this paleo journey and are still trying to wrap your head around what to eat and how, considering the level of meat that you’re buying may be too much to think about right now. Whatever the case, it’s still best to do grass-fed if you can (for a primer on all things grass-fed including buzz terms like Omega 3 and CLA–conjugated linoleic acid–click here). But if the issue of grass-fed (or even organic) meats is keeping you from doing paleo at all or making your wallet hurt, here are some tips that can help:

  • Avoid fatty cuts of meat (think Porterhouse steaks, etc) and stick to leaner cuts (sirloin, tenderloin, round)
  • Trim all visible fat
  • For lean, tougher cuts (like stew meat), choose a “low and slow” cooking method such as slow cooking or braising
And tips for affording higher quality while on a budget:
  • If organic is available but not grass-fed, it might be a better choice
  • Visit your local farmer’s market and make friends with the vendors!!! Support local!
  • Online vendors like US Wellness Meats will sometimes run coupon codes…stock up!
  • Check for sales on grass-fed meats from stores like Whole Foods, buy in bulk and freeze

One last thing…my FAVORITE recipe using stew meat from Melissa Joulwan (aka The Clothes Make the Girl…aka my paleo-cook-crush): Rogan Josh!


8 thoughts on “Do I Have to Eat Grass-Fed Meat?

  1. Is there any relation to the fat in the conventional raised beef being unhealthier due to the food / methods of being raised vs. grass fed, or is the fat just healthier because of the lifestyle of the cow? Sorry, this question came out better the first time when I didn’t have to reset my WP PW.

    • Many environmental toxins, etc are fat soluble and accumulate in fatty tissues of animals. Beef raised in unhealthier conditions will therefore contain more of these compounds. Also, cows that feed on grass have higher levels of CLA and Omega 3 due to their diets so really, it’s a two-layered reason.

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  3. I came here from a link on Melissa Jouwlan’s page. I started my Paleo journey just about the time you took a hiatus – 4 months ago. It feels like forever with all the reading and learning (and good eating) I’ve doing, so I’m excited to find a whole new source of information, recipes. Fun, fun!

    • Renee, you are beyond sweet! Thanks for coming over and checking out the site. Great job on all your hard work thus far. The awesome thing that I love about paleo is that what it means for me is constantly evolving, meaning I’m getting better at it and always learning new things. Plus, there are so many amazing people like Melissa out there who keep piquing our interests and palates with new goodies. Hope you come back soon!

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