Everyone Has Skeletons…

…in their pantry.

I went on a purging mission today, peaking into the depths of my cupboards. Here’s what I found:


Holy Gluten/Grain (and unhealthy fat), Batman! Into the trash they go. Not that I’ve even used any of this in AGES, but it just kind of blended into the background of my pantry.

Just a reminder to take a look at what remnants of an unhealthy diet (say “Sayonara” to grains and gluten as a start) may be lurking in the depths of your kitchen!


4 thoughts on “Everyone Has Skeletons…

  1. Funny post! I’m scared to look into the back of my pantry. I’m low oxalate Paleo, so between the two I’m sure I have a boatload of stuff that needs to be pitched.

  2. Once upon a time, we (husband and I) got 2 giant CostCo bags of rice. I’m from Hawaii, this was a staple. Now… I am slowly moving it out of the house, one recycled giant yogurt container at a time, to a co-worker less fortunate than I. That reminds me, time to package up some more rice to go out to him…

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